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About Us



We are engineers. We build software and hardware for a better world.


We are practical, we also sell household products which we think is a good match to people’s need.

Why Choose Us

Truly Malaysia

We believe Malaysian can build great software and hardware for the country

Customer Support

we aer able to provide maintainence service to what we build and carry

Free Diagnostics

Discuss your need with us without obligation

Our Mission


To provide engineering solution for a better world.

High Quality Work

We are believer of quality

Professional Approach

Ready to understand your need

Wow Service

Proud to serve you.

Our Team

Our technical team





Woman Entrepreneur.

Secret Employee #1

Project Engineer

Project Engineer

Secret Employee #2

Software Application Engineer

Software Application Engineer

Dr. Leow

Technical Manager

Technical advisor


Email customer-service@lingkail.com

Discuss with us your need

Software Capabilities


We are familiar with the technologies below


  • .NET
  • C#, C++
  • Javascript
  • Backend, Front End, Web Apps